EcoEvoApps is a collection of freely available apps that allow users to interactively explore ecology and evolution models

We are building this website as a community resource for educators and students looking to supplement their learning of these models, and for researchers looking to build and share new apps! This project is still under development, and we’d love to hear from you with any suggestions for improvements or requests for new apps.

Here’s how it works: users can set parameter values, and R code runs in the background to update the model.

Logistic growth in the continuous population dynamics app

For teachers and learners

Interactive apps can be a great way to explore how changes in parameter values can change the dynamics of a model. We intend for EcoEvoApps to be used as a supplement to (rather than as a replacement for) other ways of learning these models, e.g. analytically solving for equilibria. Start exploring the introductory models, and find out how to request new apps or give us feedback on existing apps!

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We started the EcoEvoApps project before the pandemic and transitions to online teaching, but we recognize the potential for these apps to be especially valuable in the near future. Please get in touch if there’s anything we can do to make these apps more helpful for your courses this Fall!

For researchers

Interactive apps can be a great way to learn/review existing models, or to share your work with a wide audience of colleagues, students, and other members of the broader public. We invite you to explore our existing models and to contribute new models to EcoEvoApps!

You can also join our mailing list to join the EcoEvoApps community and receive updates on the project.


Start with apps for Introductory models, or click on the buttons above to explore other categories!


Seed size/number tradeoff

A model to explore the life history tradeoff between offspring size and offspring number

Population genetics

A collection of apps for teaching quantitative genetics models

Infectious Disease

Compartment models of disease dynamics

Source Sink dynamics

Metapopulation dynamics from Pulliam’s classic source-sink models

Island Biogeography

MacArthur and Wilson’s model of island biogeography

Consumer-resource dynamics

Dynamics of a predator (or herbivore) and its prey

Biotic Resource Competition

Interactions between consumers (predators) that feed on the same biotic resource (prey)

Abiotic Resource Competition

Tilman’s resource competition model

Structured population growth

Dynamics of a stage (or age) structured population

Single population growth in discrete time

Exponential or logistic growth

Single population growth in continuous time

Exponential or logistic growth

Annual plant competition

Beverton-Holt model for competing annual plants

Plant-soil feedbacks

Soil microbes and resource competition jointly influence plant coexistence

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Macarthur-Rosensweig model in the consumer-resource dynamics app